Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2016


1 : Increase Sales and Revenue

Any professionally run business will make up the cost of a website easily over the course of the first year. And after that, the low annual running costs mean increased profits in the future.

2 : Cheaper Advertising

A website is the most cost–effective form of advertising you could buy. Compare a small advert in the Yellow Pages or Thompson Local with a small website, or compare a large advert with a large website: the website will generally be cheaper.

And a website’s running costs are much lower — just an annual fee for the domain name and hosting. With a paper advert, you pay the same large amountevery year.

A paper advertisement can only give customers a brief overview of your services. Your website will contain all the detailed information your customers need, at a fraction of the long–term cost of a paper advertisement.

3 : Give a Professional Appearance

Most people now expect a business to have a website. Even if a customer doesn’t visit your website, seeing a web address on a business card or in an advertisement gives the impression that you are a solid organisation.

Perhaps you work from home. Perhaps you have just started a small business. With a good–looking, professional website, you can show that you are just asserious as a larger, established competitor.

4 : Your Competitors Will Have Websites

Very few products or services are bought on impulse (apart from chocolate biscuits, perhaps). Customers like to do a bit of research first. Today, a large proportion of sales begin with an internet search, and that proportion is only going to increase. A business without a website is out of the game.

Actually, there is one exception to this rule. For a business, having anamateurish website is often worse than having no website at all. Find out about the dangers of using a cowboy web designer.

5 : Save Time Dealing with Enquiries

How often do you find yourself saying the same thing to prospective customers — describing your services, your products, your prices? If the information that people need is on your website, they can check it out easily, any time it suits them.

How much time do you waste fielding enquiries from people who are nevergoing to buy your products? Give them an easier way of getting the informationthey want, and you won’t have to cope with enquiries that don’t lead anywhere.

Put the information on your website, weed out the tyre–kickers, and concentrate on the serious enquiries!

6 : More Customers, All the Time, Everywhere

The internet doesn’t open at 9 o’clock and close at 5:30. Your website will be attracting customers 24 hours a day, from all over the world.


Dear freelance designer, from a freelance designer

My names Jake and i have been freelancing part-time for the past 2 years on and off whilst working full-time for my local design agency in Warwickshire #middleoftheuk

I am not here or writing to tell you how you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T Freelance, i am basically here making the pit-falls and hopefully some success throughout and documenting exactly what tools and products i use to help me & ultimately you through the day.

without further ado let's get started with something i use at least twice a day...

Product Hunt is a curation of the best new products, every day where you can discover the latest mobile apps, websites, and technology products that everyone's talking about.

This is an absolute must as you are able to completely tailor your products into collections for future use, you can view my personal Freelance Graphic Design Starter Kit to get an idea on the sort of products which may notice in the next couple of posts.

Searching through products or collections makes it easy to find out if there's an app to make my life easier or more productive. "Hunters" "Makers" and general public are intwined to make it a very personal visit where you can improve, comment and chat with the creators of the products.

I would normally visit this first thing in the morning to checkout the previous day's top rated and curated products, and in the afternoon straight after cheeky nandos lunch to check and see what's trending.

I would seriously consider you try this place first, if you're thinking of something that can better your position or just after a website that can resize multiple photos in one go (coming soon) then check out ProductHunt