About Jake

At present, I work for a company called Ghost Design in Leamington Spa as a Graphic and Website Designer. In my evenings and weekends, I often work on clients projects which can range from Luxury Dating Websites to Gourmet burger Companies.

My skill and expertise are mainly channelled into Branding and Web Design where as opposed to a simple logo mark, branding takes it from an image on a white screen to how it might look on a billboard across London or on a local bus in Leamington, Branding is all about forward planning and overthinking with what might be and creating a reputable brand that looks incredible and in most cases bigger than it actually is.

I’m based as Graphic Design Leamington but often get work from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Coventry and Stratford.

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Every designer / agency has different ways to process and develop your idea into a Graphic Design visionary end result, the core values should be the same but ultimately everyone has a different way of working.

I prefer to keep communication and the wonders of tech avidly involved from start to finish. View some awesome Graphic Design Examples Here.

Here’s a short list of what i can offer and where i base my practice; Graphic Design Leamington, Branding Warwickshire, Marketing around UK, Website Design Leamington, Warwick and Stratford.

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