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January 12, 2024

Website Graphics and Banner Imagery

Ah, the bread and butter of any e-commerce platform—website graphics and banner imagery. For, I whipped up some digital masterpieces that not only stopped shoppers in their tracks but also made them forget why they were there in the first place. Whether it was dazzling banners that screamed “BUY NOW OR REGRET LATER” or subtle graphics that whispered sweet nothings about sales and discounts, I made sure every pixel was on point. Honestly, these visuals could sell ice to an Eskimo.

Email Template Design

Ah, email—the art of bothering people directly in their personal space. I crafted email templates so eye-catching, they practically forced recipients to open them. We’re talking sleek designs, strategic layouts, and call-to-action buttons so enticing you’d think they were dipped in chocolate. Each template was a harmonious blend of style and function, ensuring that no one could resist the allure of a Debenhams sale.

OOH Graphics

Out-of-home graphics are a different beast, but one I tamed with flair. From bus stops to billboards, I created visuals that turned heads and caused minor traffic incidents. Bold, bright, and impossible to ignore, these graphics made sure that Debenhams was the talk of the town, even if people were mostly talking about how they nearly rear-ended someone while gawking at a poster.

Campaign Visuals

Campaigns are like the Super Bowl of design projects, and for Debenhams, I played to win. Seasonal promotions, special events, and new collections—all got the royal treatment. My visuals were cohesive, compelling, and, most importantly, conversion-driven. Because what’s the point of looking pretty if you’re not making money? Each campaign was a tour de force of creativity and strategy, ensuring that Debenhams stayed ahead of the curve and top of mind.


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