Logos do serve as an impactful first impression for brands. Every professional and businessperson needs a logo, since it can help to protect one’s professional image while building a strong brand in the long run.

Keeping up to date with the latest design trends is isn’t easy. Every year, there seems to be a new wave of trend in the industry, and some of which we’ve already begin to see new displays coming from big players like Facebook, and others to follow suite in the next few months.

There are a lot of new logo designs that’s trending out there, so today- we’ll elaborate on 7 logo design trends to watch out for the year 2020.

  1. Raw Hand-drawn Logos.

With the high rise in technology, the boundaries on the technologies used for logo design would always be pushed.

We’re going to see a lot more experimentation of logos that are hand-drawn, utilizing asymmetric forms, and lines with interesting shades and techniques to produce creativity and raw aesthetics. With an in-depth feel of such logos, brands are beginning to embrace the homegrown organic feel to represent their values.

With all the digital perfection in place and plugins like the Nb Designer woocommerce smart coupons for example, there’s always going to people wanting that raw feeling look to go against the grain.

  •  Gradients.

The use of gradient in logos is getting more and more popular over the past few years. Popular brands like “Internet explorer”, are now opting for truly digital offering over their traditional form of design, which allows for truly interesting gradients to be achieved and implemented across the brand.

The use of Gradients allows for simple logos to look a little more complex by adding dimensions and shadings. In respect to this, there have been a rising use of more and more complicated gradients with super vivid colors, creating a striking pallets.

Gradients are often made to look like a natural phenomenon such as sunrise and sunset. In the year 2020 and next few years to come, we’ll continue to see more and more brands opting for gradients as the use of gradients seem to be getting popular.

  • Text Deconstruction.

This trend of logo design is made to create an optical illusion from the viewer’s perspective. The various elements of the text are either deleted or ignored to make the viewer picture and think of what’s missing in order so they can make it readable.

Typically, different from woocommerce mix and match products and extensions used for designing logos on WordPress sites, text deconstruction can be linked with cramped designs, this is something you have to be careful with and really pay attention to the negative space in other to maintain the eligibility of the logo itself.

  • Simplicity.

Over the past few months, there have been an influx of brands simplifying their logos, and one of the most notable of late is the Facebook group logo- taking a strong typographic approach to their identity.

One thing about simplifying things down on a logo design is to carry brands across different platforms and mediums easily. One of the major benefit of simplifying a logo is increasing the memorability. In most cases, simple logos are often the most effective, because it can be used in various scope of applications without any compromise in the design.

The simplicity of the design allows for the consistency of the identity it portrays. There are a host of other brands like Yahoo and Warner Bros that have taken this approach over the past twelve months.

In regards to simplicity of logos, it is getting to a level of how simple is too simple, making these designs too generic. However, the top brands involved in this trends have already attained solid identity systems around their simplified logos that is really making these designs work.

freestack logo
  • Unique Fonts.

Year in, year out, strong typographic designs are increasing in popularity. These days, more emphasis is now placed on Fonts, so that with adding little more character to fonts, it tends to make brands somewhat unique even if the logo is copied by another brand out there.

This trend is getting close to being more and more of an approach for providing customized designs for brands, giving a more unique design for brand identity. This trend may even lead itself to brands designing their own fonts to use across their identity systems.

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  • Emblems.

Trends in Emblem seems to be trending right now. Arguably, they may not be of the most functional logo designs out there, but its popularity is seriously growing fast.

One new trend with emblems is its simplification, helping logos to become more visually friendly and increasing usability as well.

  • Strong Geometric Symbols And Typography.

In 2020, it is more than likely to begin seeing this trend taking a lead position in the industry. Right now, we’re already seeing more sophisticated designs being created with geometric symbols. Now, this design trend is bound to constantly push out the emblem, with text being constructed out from geometric forms.

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