A little more about Jake


A little about Jake


After leaving Bournemouth Arts institute University I came back to Leamington Spa in Warwickshire where I put my newly found skills into practice. I’ve worked on various projects over the 8 Years which includes Logo design, Branding, Photography, Animation, Website Design, Web Development, corporate identity and copywriting but always found myself working on the three main categories of Logo design, Branding and Website design.

These main three go hand in hand a lot of the time and my main client base have been start-ups whom I’ve helped get onto the radar. I’ve had a lot of clients from across the UK including London, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Southampton but mainly cater to the local ones in Leamington Spa, Warwick, Stratford, Coventry and Kenilworth.


At present, I work for a company called Ghost Design in Leamington Spa as a Graphic and Website Designer. In my evenings and weekends, I often work on clients projects which can range from Luxury Dating Websites to Gourmet burger Companies. My skill and expertise are mainly channelled into Branding and Web Design where as opposed to a simple logo mark, branding takes it from an image on a white screen to how it might look on a billboard across London or on a local bus in Leamington, Branding is all about forward planning and overthinking with what might be and creating a reputable brand that looks incredible and in most cases bigger than it actually is.

Appearance is everything nowadays in regards to first impressions and this is the same if not more important for your business. You have to look the part in order to feel it.


What I spend my time doing

Branding Design 90%
Website Design 90%
Logo Design 95%
Marketing 65%
Social Media 70%


Awarded Works